About Turner

Turner, specialist in strategy execution. Improve, renew and innovate faster. Here's our story.

Turner, specialist in strategy-execution

Turner is specialized in strategy execution. We make it our business to turn an organization’s strategy into reality. We focus on key challenges in financial services, education, health care and the public sector. Turner specialists are professionals: experts in their field and industry who fully commit to every job we take on. We offer our clients not just expertise, but also decisiveness, creativity and empathy. Together, we find surprising and innovative solutions. We believe that’s the only way to make sustainable progress for the benefit of all stakeholders. Improve, renew and innovate faster, we make it happen.

Our clients give us an average score of 8 out of 10. Here’s how they experience working with us.

Our vision

Our vision is that the most sustainable results are those of all stakeholders. And that we can achieve those results by combining solid and smart solutions (‘hard’) with change management (‘soft’). And that those results should be in line with the organization’s goals and objectives. 

Every assignment we take on has a business case that supports it. It’s our business to improve an organization’s financial and operational performance.  Addressing top-line and bottom-line issues. 

We bring our best practices, expertise and interventions to every assignment. We will always work in co-creation with the organization. From working together, we improve the organization’s capabilities in strategy execution. 

20% strategy + 80% execution, the recipe for strategy execution.


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