Jeroen Visscher from Turner is helping to establish the Dutch AI Coalition

Turner’s managing partner Jeroen Visscher is going to commit to himself to lay down the public-private collaboration within the Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC). In this coalition the government, businesses, educational and research facilities, and social enterprises are going to work together to speed up the AI-developments and connect AI-initiatives in the Netherlands. Due to his experience with these kinds of collaborations within education Jeroen Visscher was named “Quartermaster for Education” in this coalition. The goal is to increase the added value of AI in education, in co-creation with businesses, research, education and the Dutch citizen.

The big impact of AI on education

Jeroen Visscher explains; “AI is going to have a big impact on future education. From the perspective of technological innovation, AI has a lot of potential to increase the quality of education. What I personally think is truly exciting is the organizational change and ethical aspects for both students as teachers that come with AI. I accept the challenge to shape this project together with them by making sound plans and speedy actions in the educational system.”
Kees van der Klauw, who is a coalition manager of the NL AIC, is also delighted with Jeroen’s initiative to shape this project. “There has been a lot of attention on AI in education already, but it is of great importance that we use all the opportunities that AI has to offer. This can happen in all levels of education. The COVID-19 crisis has shown that there is a need for personalized and digital teaching tools, which AI can support.”

About the Dutch AI Coalition

The NL AIC is a public-private collaboration to stimulate the Dutch AI-activities. Here the government, businesses, educational and research facilities, and social enterprises are working together. This Coalition wants to get The Netherlands in a front-runner position as regards to knowledge and application of AI. The want to use AI for welfare and well-being, and also take into account the Dutch and European norms and values. The NL AIC is acting as the catalyst of AI-application in the Netherlands.


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