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Financial Services


The Municipal Insurance is of exceptional societal relevance: this insurance prevents healthcare avoidance among vulnerable residents and thus contributes to preventing additional societal costs. BS&F enlisted Turner to further digitize the application process. The key to Turner’s successful strategy execution: not trying to reinvent the wheel but leveraging available smart IT solutions.

A look inside the kitchen

A look inside the kitchen of… Postillion Hotels

Emma and Joeri from Team PrepAIr visited Erik-Jan Ginjaar, General Manager of Postillion Hotels, last week for coffee.


Christian Education Group (COG)

The Christian Education Group (COG) is undergoing a challenging educational transformation. The aim is to provide tools for flexibilizing vocational education, enabling students to choose “their own path and destination.” This aligns with the government’s directive for increased flexibility in education.

Financial Services


The Dutch Water Authority Bank (NWB Bank) approached Turner with a specific request: help us become better at change so that we can handle it ourselves in the future. Onno Zwaagstra, along with Martijn Suiker, Turner’s Financial Services Advisor, drafted the plan. They assisted client Bas van Eenige of NWB Bank in its implementation. Now, a year later, there is a department managing the bank’s change portfolio that everyone at NWB Bank is enthusiastic about. The breakthrough in execution came with the choice of a simple and clearly formulated plan: ‘Setting policies without people understanding the necessity is not sustainable.’



In the coming years, Liander will face at least a doubling of energy demand and all aspects related to the energy transition. However, the aftercare of projects ‘outside’ on the streets, was not optimally organized. Gert-Jan van ‘t Klooster, regional manager Amsterdam at the Large Consumption Reconstructions and Networks (GVRN) department, was tasked with streamlining aftercare and enlisted Turner for the execution of the plans.

Private sector


As the CEO of Merford, a specialist in sound management, acoustic materials, and doors, Robbert-Jan Ter Horst worked with Turner Strategy Execution to challenge his plans for the future. The result: a sharply formulated strategy that is already yielding results. The Board of Supervisors and shareholders have fully supported the strategy.

Public sector

UWV WERKbedrijf

UWV WERKbedrijf, part of the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) in the Netherlands, supports job seekers through labor mediation and reintegration services. Like many other service delivery organizations, their services have become highly digitized in recent years, relying on individuals’ own responsibility and self-reliance. However, job seekers, particularly those facing employment barriers, still have a continuing need for personal contact and customized support.


Grid Operator

Strengthening B2B and B2C Service Grid Operator Accelerating Service Delivery Reducing Backlogs by 85% Improving Service Quality Acceleration of a new way of working through …


The National Education Lab AI (NOLAI)

The National Education Lab AI (NOLAI), funded by the National Growth Fund, represents the largest public investment globally in the field of AI and education. No other country has allocated eighty million euros specifically for a lab focused on AI in primary and secondary education. This project stands as one of Turner’s most prestigious involvements to date. Driven by the passionate initiator, Inge Molenaar from Radboud University, the lab faces the tremendous challenge of bringing together education, science, and the business community. However, the benefits for all stakeholders will not be immediate.



Instead of standing still, CEO Aukje Reinders insisted on formulating a new strategy for Coloriet in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. She believes that with all the challenges facing the organization, there is a need for renewed momentum and energy.

Private sector

Fast-growing tech company providing cloud services

Executable growth strategy and conditions for execution

Private sector

A multinational has globally integrated its autonomous operating companies into ‘one operating company’ per country.

Breakthrough: This integration took place ten years ago, but is still known as a successful case in business management

Financial Services

De Vereende

De Vereende, an insurance company specializing in special risks, aimed to achieve higher efficiency, create room for new initiatives, and improve customer and employee satisfaction. The company enlisted the help of Turner to conduct a quick scan of all core processes. “We needed assistance because we didn’t yet have the knowledge and expertise in-house,” says Bert Sonneveld, Marketing and Underwriting Manager.

Private sector


Belron Netherlands, known for brands such as Carglass, Autotaalglas, and GlasGarage, operates in a shrinking market where there is a decreasing demand for windshield replacement or repair. Turner has supported Belron in finding a future-proof and growth-oriented business model.

Financial Services

A Future-Oriented Range of Services

A Future-Oriented Range of Services VvAA: Dutch Association of Health Care Professionals From strategic vision to pilot The VvAA’s new positioning translated into management terms …

labcoats in lab

Effective Care Planning with Health Intelligence

Effective Care Planning with Health Intelligence Prinses Máxima Centre Better insight into capacity and production Bottlenecks in patient planning and staffing were solved More predictable …

Turner Financiële Dienstverlening Finance
Financial Services

Online insurer triggers market shift

Breakthrough: In 2008, a well-known insurance company introduced one of the first online insurers in the market.

Private sector

Agricultural cooperative executes growth strategy through acquisitions

Breakthrough: The cooperative has chosen a growth strategy that is partially realized through acquisitions.


Two media companies in the lead-up to the merger

Breakthrough: The ambition was to create the strongest media company in the market together and implement top-down cost-saving measures. Joint integration teams had to truly give substance to this ambition and not cling to the old ways.

Financial Services

Financial service provider. One team, one vision, one execution

Breakthrough: The last years of the first decade of this century were challenging for the financial sector. The financial service provider was under significant pressure to realize strategic choices. The life insurance market had completely collapsed, and the mortgage market was also performing poorly.

Private sector

Food company. Team and plan in one go, with significant depth

Breakthrough: At the food company involved, the Top-70 was activated with this building block. Going through tough times together forges a special bond.

Private sector

E-commerce company grows from a small core

Breakthrough: The e-commerce company rapidly replaced traditional physical department stores for the Dutch consumers. With its product range, it can adapt to changing needs almost daily and boasts a delivery service that is nearly faster than self-pickup.


Medium-sized university college in the Netherlands.

Breakthrough: For the rapidly growing college, scheduling had been a challenge for years, eventually turning into a crisis. The impact was significant. The low quality of schedules led to increasing dissatisfaction among students and faculty.

Private sector

Empirical search for breakthroughs in processes at a technical wholesaler

Breakthrough: This technical wholesaler supplies products for manual and industrial work in various industries. With an “outside-in” approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction, the internal organization is under strain.

Public sector

Dutch regulatory authority, supervision, and enforcement

Breakthrough: Great ambition, small steps. The essence of the approach is to break down a large-scale and complex implementation into small waves.

Public sector

Occupational health service achieves a healthy balance between professionalism and engagement

Breakthrough: The professionals at the occupational health service, particularly occupational physicians, assist workers in achieving optimal performance throughout their careers. This requires a healthy business operation.

Private sector

Information provider introduces new service delivery concepts

Breakthrough: As part of the transition to an effective Go-To-Market strategy per customer segment, the legal division of a major information provider in the Netherlands implemented new service delivery concepts

Public sector

Research laboratory for the environmental and food market seeking agility

Breakthrough: Daily stand-up meetings serve as the foundation for maintaining and improving the workflow, with a clear process architecture that provides an overview.

Private sector

Top-4 law firm. Enhanced employee and client satisfaction through continuous improvement implementation

Breakthrough: A law firm consists of professionals such as lawyers, notaries, and tax advisors. Traditionally, the firm followed the path dictated by the content of the work.


Faculty of a university college

Breakthrough: Check-in of improvement teams within the programs. To address the disappointing educational outcomes of the faculty, several improvement teams within the programs initiated a check-in with the involved teaching teams.

Private sector

An international bank. Selling benefits following changes.

Breakthrough: Harvesting short-cycle benefits. Various change initiatives have been initiated in different areas of this international bank, requiring implementation across diverse countries.

Organizations we worked with and/or participated in case studies on strategy-execution and innovation-execution and/or endorse our methodology.


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