The Dutch Water Authority Bank (NWB Bank) approached Turner with a specific request: help us become better at change so that we can handle it ourselves in the future. Onno Zwaagstra, along with Martijn Suiker, Turner’s Financial Services Advisor, drafted the plan. They assisted client Bas van Eenige of NWB Bank in its implementation. Now, a year later, there is a department managing the bank’s change portfolio that everyone at NWB Bank is enthusiastic about. The breakthrough in execution came with the choice of a simple and clearly formulated plan: ‘Setting policies without people understanding the necessity is not sustainable.’

De Vereende

De Vereende, an insurance company specializing in special risks, aimed to achieve higher efficiency, create room for new initiatives, and improve customer and employee satisfaction. The company enlisted the help of Turner to conduct a quick scan of all core processes. “We needed assistance because we didn’t yet have the knowledge and expertise in-house,” says Bert Sonneveld, Marketing and Underwriting Manager.

Prepared for the future of post-trade

Prepared for the future of post-trade. “Profound knowledge of scenario analysis, and with knowledge of the ecosystem.” – Henk Brink, chairman of DACSI

Turner is a ‘FD Gazelle 2020’

FD Gazellen 2020 Turner is a ‘FD Gazelle 2020’ Turner is a ‘FD Gazelle 2020’, which is a recognition for the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands. “Proof for any organization that one can grow fast and adapt oneself, even if you’re not a startup or scale-up anymore.” What’s the story behind Turner’s recent growth? […]

A Future-Oriented Range of Services

A Future-Oriented Range of Services VvAA: Dutch Association of Health Care Professionals From strategic vision to pilot The VvAA’s new positioning translated into management terms First steps towards platformization More added value for doctors and paramedics The VvAA is an association of doctors and paramedics and calls itself the “voice and support network” for its […]

Platformization of financial services is just a matter of time

post-it mobile

Platformisering Platformization of financial services is just a matter of time Recommendations from a research on online platforms for financial services. The platformization of the financial sector: a matter of time Turner studied platformization in the financial services industry in the Netherlands. We asked 40 board members and managers from 25 financial institutions to describe […]

Study on online platforms in the financial services industry

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Platformization Study on online platforms in the financial services industry Online platforms are hot. In retail, social media, tourism, taxi rides and other markets: online platforms are connecting supply and demand —and often outperforming traditional companies that merely offer products or services. The financial services industry will also be affected by these developments – that’s […]

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