Soft is hard and hard is soft: Balance is everything

Strategy = Execution Soft is hard and hard is soft: Balance is everything. Hard or soft? It’s a false dilemma, because you can also systematically invest in and develop soft skills. Multinationals like Shell prepare all their new ventures and takeovers extremely well and evaluate them thoroughly afterwards. As it turns out, too few of […]

Your strategy needs a strategy

Modern strategy execution in the New Normal requires a fundamentally different way of working. Nowadays, the equation that works is Strategy = Execution.

Purge, select, balance

Being selective is a precondition for maximizing your chances of success in strategy execution. This blog post will show you how. This is the step you take in Building Block 2 of the Strategy Execution Model.

Why it’s not enough to ask why

The big why

In strategy-setting we invariably have to address the Big Why. In Building Block 1 of the process I discuss in Strategy = Execution, I dissect how organizations go about formulating their ambitions and plotting their strategic course.

Disrupt or be disrupted. Digital innovation is a must.

There are many big trends in the corporate world, but the biggest is digital innovation. The kind of innovation we need now is digital transformation. Customers’ fundamental needs require radical, digital innovation from every organization.

Winning combination: Minimal design (mvp) paired with appropriate scaling

Strategie = Execution Winning combination: Minimal design (MVP) paired with appropriate scaling One of the questions professionals most frequently ask about strategy execution is how Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and Scaling Methods are interrelated. I discussed these two topics separately in my book Strategy = Execution, but did not explain in detail how they’re linked […]


Team Turner wedstrijd

Turner has been ranked No. 1 for three consecutive times in the MT1000, an annual survey of corporate services clients. We rank first in the strategy consulting category and have the highest client satisfaction rating of any consulting firm. In addition, we receive high ratings for client focus, execution and product. What is the story behind this fine achievement?

A leader’s main task: reduce complexity and cut the work in absorbable pieces. Period

One important factor determining the success of your strategy execution is your ability to avoid creating an indistinguishable mess. Mess, you say? Yes, exactly. Avoid creating a muddle. This means you need to make a clear distinction between realizing the objectives for your existing organizations and realizing new initiatives best run in separate projects.