Educational institutions will be learning and sharing lessons from Covid-19 with Turner

Turner is starting a research with MBO, HBO and WO facilities in which they are going to learn from the COVID-19 crisis together. How did students and teachers experience this crisis? This is how these facilities can hold on to positive changes and continue towards the future.

Learning structured and together

Jasper Engelbert, who is a research leader at Turner, has the following to say about this research; “we noticed in our conversations within the sector that there is a strong ambition to have structured evaluations, an exchange of experiences, and to learn from the fast developments. By evaluating not only within one facility, but with multiple facilities it creates a richer learning experience. We have seen that many facilities have turned towards their own actions, as crisis management asks for a lot of attention to primary processes. This way we offer the participating facilities a look into each other’s processes, which creates a sound foundation to keep on developing on both short and long term. This exchange really fits the sector very well.

Keep on developing

John van der Wegt, who is the chairman of the ROC of Twente and one of the participant, explains; “Even though we had already took our own actions towards digitizing our education, we did not have a lot of time to take rigorous actions during the COVID-19 crisis. Distance-learning, new work regulations and new ways of collaborating with colleagues. We now feel the need to reflect, because this situation is taking longer than expected. But also because we want to continue with the positive outcomes of these actions.

To strike while the iron is hot

We are collecting information until summer is over and in September the results will be made public. To enrich the learning experience and exchange the new perspectives we will organize themed gatherings.


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