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What Turner can do

To grow your revenue and return, you need future-proof products and services that offer the best possible customer journey. The playing field keeps changing; customers are harder to please and technological innovation is pushing this development into overdrive. Staying ahead of the game is the only way to survive and thrive. This requires you to come up with contemporary products and a customer journey that puts a smile on your customers’ faces at every turn.


Future-proof digital business model and sales strategy

Results: 5-15% growth in revenue, 10-15% growth in returns

In transparent markets products and services look more alike. Clients are better informed and know what they are willing to pay to serve their needs and wants. New entrants, without legacy, are able to keep their costs low. Margins are under pressure because of these developments. It's important to assess future business models for your organization. A business model that uses new technologies. You can build on our expertise and experience. In a short timespan we willen work on a new business model together with your organization. One that suits your market, clients and growth ambitions.

Results: 5-15% more conversion, 10-15% growth in margin and client satisfaction rates.

Creating an optimal customer journey is a challenge.Especially in a complex organization, where client-centricity is hard to achieve. Adding more value for clients and increase revenues and margins may seem very ambitious. But it's not. Your clients expects nothing less than an optimal digital experience! You will need a series of breakthroughs to realize these growth ambitions. We help you uncovers the customer journey in a short timespan of 4-6 weeks Next, we define where breakthroughs can be created. We act together with your sales people, engaging them and providing them with the opportunity to learn. We start the execution of improvements on the customer journey from day 1.


An optimal digital customer journey


Turn data into advanced analytics and artificial intelligence

Results: 10-15% growth in margins, 5-15% cost savings and increased client satisfaction rates

Every major organization has a potential data gold mine. However, only a few are able to turn data into insights and action. Whilst there's nothing more powerful than really knowing what a client wants in every step of the customer journey. Using advanced analytics and AI in a sensible manner, we can uncover new and actionable insights from day 1. It helps you breng your product, service or channel to the next level. We work together with your sales people and your business intelligence or data specialists. Engaging them and providing them with opportunities to learn.

Results: 25-50% faster product development process, 10-15% margin growth, more focus on output, combined with more engagement and ownership of sales teams

Organizations are expected to anticipate and adapt technological changes fast. However, most complex organizations suffer from a lack of cooperation between the various parts of the organization. This reduces organizational agility and slows down the product development process. Turner has a standardized approach that helps organizations progress into multi-disciplinary (agile) teams. Increasing organizational agility and helping to focus on value creation. Increasing employee engagement along the way.


Create agile teams to reduce the time-to-market

Based on our track record on these types of issues, we have established specific principles of approach.

The 10 main principles governing sales

The 10 of data analysis and innovation


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