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In our increasingly demanding world, customers expect everything to be available faster, more reliable and cheaper than ever before. New technologies keep changing the playing field and the rules of the game. Your survival as an organization no longer just depends on delivering the best product or service, top-notch customer satisfaction or superior execution. These days, you need to deliver all three. But how do you go about that? Which hypes can you afford to pass up? And in what areas do you want to be in the top of the league? These are relevant, urgent questions.


Optimize client-facing value chains

Results: 20-30% reduction of throughput time, 30-40% less mistakes, 10-20% reduction of time spent and costs, 10-20% increase in client and employee satisfaction rates

We help you discover which processes and value chain have most potential for improvement using a quick and comprehensive analysis.Helping you assign resources best that have most potential for improvement. Together with employees, we reduce waste and the number or crossovers. We eliminate recurrent tasks from the use of robotic process automation. Improving the process management and governance by using data and AI. Creating more opportunities to prioritize, distribute and plan work. Verbeterde onderlinge samenwerking leidt tot betere prestaties en plezier in het werk.Ook bieden wij een raamwerk om de belangrijkste partners en leveranciers te differentiëren en daarmee een optimaal inkoop- en samenwerkingsproces in te richten. So that we can all focus on serving clients best.

Results: 20-30% reduction of throughput time, 30-40% less mistakes, 10-20% reduction of time spent and costs, 10-20% increase in client and employee satisfaction rates

Do you recognize the following? “IIt takes ages before we get what we need!” or “We should hire outside resources, because our own people are too expensive!” This is what we hear a lot in organizations where there's a gap bbetween supporting services and client-facing departments. We are here to help increase client-centricity and agility of your supporting services. Improving the cooperation between departments along the way. Directly impacting quality and costs. We can bring the best practices from a variety of industries: IT, HR, Finance, Legal, R&D, and Maintenance. Together with your people, we translate those best practices into a custom design fit for your organization's needs.


Increase client-centricity of supporting services


Improve your organization’s change capacity

Results: 40-50% improvements projects finished successfully, 10-20% more results from improvement initiatives, aligned with operational peformance, 10-20% higher (internal) clients and employee satisfaction rates

We believe that every organization should be able to adapt itself to changing circumstances in the long term. We help increase the capacity for change in your organization together with your people. We train your people in the change management methodologies, putting these into practice directly. Take our Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Training. We help you put continuous improvement processes into practice, so that your organization can continuously improve itself on an operational level. Everyday improvements have large impact on your results eventually. We help you set up and professionalize your department for internal improvements

Based on our track record on these types of issues, we have established specific principles of approach.
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