Platformization of financial services is just a matter of time

Recommendations from a research on online platforms for financial services.

The platformization of the financial sector: a matter of time

Turner studied platformization in the financial services industry in the Netherlands. We asked 40 board members and managers from 25 financial institutions to describe their platformization strategy, explain their strategic decisions, and relate their experiences with this process. This report summarizes the results of these interviews.

What is in the report:

What is platformization?

The transformation from a traditional business model to an online platform amounts to a radical innovation of financial services organizations.


Why is the time ripe for platformization of financial services?

Four major factors are driving the inevitable shift to platform models, one


What platform strategies are there?

What platformization strategies are there to choose from? And what strategies do we observe across financial institutions?


What does it take to run an online platform?

From ecosystems to multi-way power sockets: the 7 key ingredients of a platform organization.


How are financial institutions performing?

These are the bottlenecks are preventing financial institutions from making substantial progress in executing their platform strategies.


Recommendations for the execution of your platform strategy

Based on our study, we make 10 recommendations that will help you successfully execute your platformization strategy.

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The platformization of the financial sector: a matter of time

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