What do we stand for?

Turner is specialized in strategy execution. We make it our business to turn an organizationโ€™s strategy into reality.

Turner, strategy execution specialist

We are Turner Strategy = Execution, the management consultancy specialized in strategy execution. We make that happen by improving, renewing and innovating together with the organization. We work on the critical issues for our clients, who must succeed. And that matter in the sectors in which we work. That motivates us every day.

Our clients are thus able to exploit their existing organizational or business model and explorenew ones. To work on the organization of today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

We have specialized in a clear set of expertise areas, the so-called ‘excellence’ areas: digital & commercial, operational, synergy and organizational excellence.

We work for ambitious clients in the private and (semi-)public sector. Such as: financial and business services, education, healthcare, the (semi-) public sector, energy & utilities and in industry. On issues and/or in sectors of great social importance. What you have demonstrably done is more important than what you say you are doing: we have a demonstrable track record. Our loyal clients are happy to be referents.

Our strategy execution specialistsย are genuinely committed professionals, with knowledge of the profession and the sector. They not only contribute their expertise, but also a good dose of courage, creativity and empathy. Together we create breakthroughs by finding unexpected and innovative solutions.

Our clients are happy to tell you more

Our vision

The objectives of the organization guide everything we do. We always want to have a measurable and sustainable impact. This requires the combination of the ‘hard’ side, the goals and design of a new organization and working methods, with the ‘soft’ side, ownership and scaling up. Coordinated through down-to-earth and meticulous project and/or programmatic work. Always as much as possible in the line organization.

Every assignment Turner supports has a business case. We achieve financial and operational performance improvements. We actively contribute expertise and best practices. These have a direct impact on both top-line and bottom-line issues.

We always work side-by-side in co-production with the organization. This improves the effectiveness of strategy execution. In this way, the organization achieves its goals and immediately learns how to become better at strategy execution.

The issues of tomorrow no longer affect individual organizations. We are a catalyst for change in ecosystems and chains. In this way, we directly or indirectly make a meaningful contributionto all stakeholders and to social challenges, each market/practice and each advisor in his/her own way. And that motivates us every

20% strategy, 80% execution. Thatโ€™s the recipe for faster improvement, renewal and innovation, based on our own research.


We would like to get to know you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Huize de Boom
Arnhemseweg 107
3832 GK Leusden

Phone: +31 (0)33 โ€“ 285 93 00
Email: info@turner.nl



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