FD Gazellen 2020

Turner is a 'FD Gazelle 2020'

Turner is a 'FD Gazelle 2020', which is a recognition for the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands. "Proof for any organization that one can grow fast and adapt oneself, even if you're not a startup or scale-up anymore." What's the story behind Turner's recent growth?

FD Gazelle 2020, our story

Turner received a recognition for fast-growing copmanies from Netherlands’ leading newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad. The award is called ‘FD Gazelle 2020’.  “It’s an token of appreciation for the journey we’ve been on, together with our clients,” says managing partner Jeroen Visscher. Consultant Femke van den Wall Bake shares: “It’s a great sign that one can still grow fast and be adaptable, even 27-year old organizations.”

About the award

The FD Gazellen 2020 are companies that have grown at least 20% in terms of revenue, staff and profitablity in the period 2017 to 2019. It’s a recognition for companies that grow in their added value and that are adaptable.

How the story begins

Jeroen: “To be honest, our results were not so great at the beginning of 2017. We seized that moment to structurally increase our adaptability. We narrowed our areas of expertise, increased our financial buffers and focused co-creation together with our clients.”

2017 is also the year Jacques Pijl’s  book Strategie = Executie was published, based on our strategy-execution research across 60 companies. “Turner has been a renowned specialist in strategy execution. This book is, in fact, proof behing our methodology for improving, renewing, and innovating faster,” says Jeroen. This year, the book has been published in English and has become an (international) bestseller.

Focus on sectors

Jeroen: “That same year, we chose to focus on the sectors where we could offer the most added value: financial services, education, healthcare and the public sector. This helped is channel our energy to the sectors where we have most impact.”

Femke, whos is specialized in healthcare, continues: “Turner is appreciated in the health care industry because we are specialized in something that is often lacking in health care organization: strategy execution. And because we also have a lot of knowledge and experience in health care, we can really make a difference, together with our clients. A great example is our cooperation with DigiDok the company behind Spreekuur.nl, an app that offers digital triage and diagnoses for general practitioners. The app really proved itself during the corona crisis and it’s a solution to make apps a structural part of healthcare. Since the app has such great potential, we help quantify and monitor the added value of the app.” 

“A recognition of the journey we’ve made, together with our clients.”

– Jeroen Visscher, managing partner Turner


Co-creation is also part of our growth story: “Working in co-creation with our clients makes us very adaptable. To give an example: when schools had to close in March 2020, we started a study together with 21 clients in vocational and higher education to learn from this unique period in eduction. From really working together from the start, this shared initiative has proved extremely valuable for our clients. And for the education sector as a whole.”

The succes of this co-creation approach translates into high satisfaction rates across clients. Turner’s clients value our work with an 8 on average.


Jeroen: “Of course, 2020 is a challenging year for us too, but we have faith in our ability to adapt ourselves. Moreover, the experiences of 2017 left us prepared for harder times, both financially and mentally.” Femke adds: “As a 27-year old organization, we’re adaptable as never before.”

Extra prices

November 19th, extra prices will be awarded for bronze, silver and golden ‘FD Gazelle 2020′. Stay tuned for the results!

Femke van den Wall Bake

“As a 27-year old organization, we’re adaptable as never before.”

– Femke van den Wall Bake – consultant healthcare Turner

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