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Your organization should set its course on the basis of a strategy that has grassroots support. It should be well-founded and achieve both short and long-term objectives. A clearly defined and delineated strategy is especially crucial in healthcare because the sector is so dynamic and complex. Do you have a clear idea what course to set for the years ahead?

The challenges in healthcare are getting bigger and more complex. These dynamics require every healthcare provider to come up with a clear and well-considered response. Social leadership is needed to make the sometimes radical choices that lie ahead. As a healthcare manager, you are probably already considering many questions, such as:

  • With the growing problems on the labor market, can we continue to provide all necessary care in the future?
  • How can we distinguish ourselves from other healthcare providers?
  • What choices in our healthcare portfolio will keep us profitable?
  • Which healthcare providers can we (or should we) collaborate with to strengthen our strategy?
  • How do we encourage engagement and grassroots support for the new strategy within our organization?
  • Labor-saving (digital) innovations are the future, but they’re also expensive and not all suitable for our organization. Which innovations should we implement?
  • How do we create and safeguard a sustainable organization, so we’re still in business a decade from now?
  • How do we increase our execution power as an organization while engaged in several change processes at the same time?

As Turner consultants, we’re experienced healthcare strategy developers. Our work is based on the knowledge that strategy-setting must be grounded in both hard and soft skills. A robust strategy is based on thorough internal and external analyses. In addition, it is essential to create sufficient grassroots support in the organization during the entire process, in order to achieve maximum execution capacity and to bring the strategy to life from the bottom up.

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Turner has been ranked No. 1 for three consecutive times in the MT1000, an annual survey of corporate services clients. We rank first in the strategy consulting category and have the highest client satisfaction rating of any consulting firm. In addition, we receive high ratings for client focus, execution and product. What is the story behind this fine achievement?

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Instead of standing still, CEO Aukje Reinders insisted on formulating a new strategy for Coloriet in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. She believes that with all the challenges facing the organization, there is a need for renewed momentum and energy.



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