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The quality and accessibility of healthcare are under threat due to many challenges: demand is growing while availability shrinks due to the tight labor market and budgetary restrictions. In addition, many healthcare providers have untapped potential in areas such as outcome improvement, research knowledge and competencies, training and job satisfaction.

Many organizations, often those located in the same region, are looking for ways to collaborate and reinforce each other. After all, joining forces can yield substantial synergy benefits in both primary healthcare provision and support services. In the Netherlands, various healthcare-related organizations have entered into partnerships, for example in HR (regional flex pool), treatment centers and support services. Clearly, collaboration can take many shapes. But how do you know which partnerships are right for your organization?

Turner helps healthcare providers identify, organize and capitalize on their collaboration potential. The result: health benefits for patients, a healthier financial position for the organizations involved and more job satisfaction for healthcare professionals. Collaboration can take various shapes, from a strategic collaboration agenda to integration of support services or even lateralization and concentration of one or more integrated care pathways. To be successful, any collaboration, regardless of the shape it takes, must include a focus on vision & leadership, on the integration process, the business model and development. Turner has the experience and tools to support you and accelerate the collaboration process, regardless of its size and stage.

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Turner has been ranked No. 1 for three consecutive times in the MT1000, an annual survey of corporate services clients. We rank first in the strategy consulting category and have the highest client satisfaction rating of any consulting firm. In addition, we receive high ratings for client focus, execution and product. What is the story behind this fine achievement?

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Instead of standing still, CEO Aukje Reinders insisted on formulating a new strategy for Coloriet in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. She believes that with all the challenges facing the organization, there is a need for renewed momentum and energy.



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