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How can public institutions implement rapidly changing government policies

What Turner can do

A common concern among managers in the public and semipublic sectors is that they are good at policymaking, but have a hard time bringing their change programs and projects to fruition. Yet they know that breakthroughs are crucial.


Portfolio management ​

Results: a simplified portfolio of change initiatives that's ambitious and attainable, 50% faster start of execution and innovation processes, 30% more of your annual goals and targets achieved

In 3 - 6 weeks, using our compact and proven method, we translate strategy into a portfolio change initiatives. We simplify the portfolio, cutting back on initiatives that are either to big or to vague to implement. In our experience, 33% is not a change initiative but business as usual on the 'run' side of stragegy execution, 33% has a flawed assignment or scope, 10% consist of projects that are continued for years withouth a clear purpose or goal, the so-called 'zombie' projects. 80% of the organizations have a change portfolio that's too big to succeed, ranging between 60 to 180 projects. That's called an disappointment waiting to happen. The public sector is no exception. In our method, we select a change portfolio together, where the top 9 of critical change projects are sharply defined. Using two pages per initiative, using page 1 to describe the project and page 2 for the 'execution coalition'. That's the group of people who take ownership for the execution and the benefits of each initiative. This is how means will be freed up and how stakeholders can focus. And there's a renewed faith in the attainability of projects. Including a to-don't list.

Results: 50% faster execution and innovation processes, 30% more annual goals attained, create breakthroughs in 3 crucial initiatives

Goal: increase the organization's strategy-execution and innovation capability. Facilitate the top 3 must-have initiatives (‘change begets change’). Supporting these top 3 initiatives increases the chance of success. Small has the potential to become big. This is most certainly the case in the public sector. Succes inspires members of the execution coalition who are involved in other initiatives.

Using a set of specific actions a our proven and practical methodology we deliver the execution for each must-have change project. Together with your people we will: (1) make clear why an initiative is a must-win battle, (2) there's real breakthrough, oftentimes from execution two solutions really well instead of five halfheartedly, (3) striking the first blow succesfully, there's only one chance to do it right, (4) every key player has 'psychological check-in'. Everyone should have an intrinsic motivation to be part of the change (5) preservation of progress, (6) we measure and manage the benefits, (6) that we learn


Breakthrough in crucial initiatives


Benefits management: quantify your initiatives’ results

Results: 30% more annual goals attained, 50% faster execution and innovation processes

Goal: Know if we realize what we aspire to.

From the start of the first execution initiatives, we set up a structure to track and manage the benefits of the change initiatives. We put the facts first. Professionals want and should be able to monitor themselves. The way we monitor matters: we keep it simple using new technologies and visual management (using modern dashboards). Internally - and where possible - externally. Open and transparent, also towards society.

Results: strategy execution and innovation capabilities strengthened in your organization

Goal: strategy execution and innovation can be executed by anyone anywhere in the organization. In every (semi)public institution and/or public-private partnership.

What succeeds and what not is left to chance too often. Especially in the (semi)public sector. Strategy execution and innovation are capabilities that should be developed, managed and improved on a structural basis.

Our solution consists of an assessment of an organizations maturity in strategy execution and (digital) innovation. Providing answers to questions such as: what is the execution-capacity of your organization? What's the difference between Improving, Renewing and ((Digital) Disruption? Portfolio: which initiatives are a priority? How can we let the 'running' organization take controle of these initaitives? Old versus new: how do we organize tthose best?>
We have a wide variety of examples of effective strategy exucution programs, program management offices, innovation centres et cetera. Those practical examples, together with our concepts and methodologies, are tailored to your needs.

For more information about the assessment:


Strategy execution as a capability


Generate tangible benefits from strategic partnerships

Results: a basis for successful cooperation from making its benefits tangible with a clear business case​, 20-30% more synergy benefits in 50% of the time

Goal: develop and realize tangible and measurable win-win situations​.

Together with you and your partners we define what is required to make existing cooperations and public-private partnerships work best. Next, we offer our expertise, best practices and perseverance you require for creating those synergy benefits. For new partnerships we support u and your partners with a compact and concise process. Connecting stakeholders by creating a common vision and clear business case is what we will focus on first.


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