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20% strategy, 80% execution. That’s the recipe for faster improvement, renewal and innovation, based on our own research. Read about it in our international bestseller, Strategy = Execution.

Strategy execution is the last competitive advantage

Failure rate in strategy execution: 60 – 90%. From strategy-execution, it is oftentimes the execution part that is lacking. Execution fails by 60 – 90% in every organization. Completely or to a large extent. Widely available research from renowned institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Wharton, McKinsey firmly underpin these facts.

In a new era volatility and uncertainty rule. Organizations are currently in the midst of the inherently volatile ‘new normal’, where they are either being disrupted or causing disruption. To name just a few brutal facts: the average life span of an organization declined from 75 years in 1950 to less than 12 years in 2012, extrapolation indicated that 75% of all organizations that are currently in the S&P 500 will not be there in 2027, The so called topple rate by which the top 3 of organizations per market changes doubled since 2010 and the go-to-market time of new innovations reduced by 50% since 2000 thus doubling the intensity of competition.

Continuity is no longer a given. So failure in strategy-execution becomes a threat for continuity instead of just a waste of resources. For those leaders that prefer to think in opportunities, those are interesting times.

Currently, only one law applies: STRATEGY = EXECUTION A strategy is only as brilliant as its execution. Strategy execution is the last competitive advantage. Strength, speed and agility in execution are more important than a perfectly mapped-out strategy based on feasibility and predictability.

Exploiting the current and innovate a new business model hand in hand. Strategy execution needs to meet a range of increasingly high requirements, the heaviest of which is that strategy execution must facilitate both exploitation of the existing business model and innovation of new business models Both digital and organizational.

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Strategy = Execution, the publication

The publication contains a wide variety of modern strategy execution methods. 80% of its content is made up of ready-to-use how-to’s. Jacques Pijl describes four accelerators for successful strategy execution. The book contains many examples from more than 560 company directors, professionals and entrepreneurs Pijl interviewed, his principal question being: What makes or breaks excellent strategy execution and innovation? In addition, he has compiled more than 50 examples of innovations and new business models.

80% how-tos:

  • Obtain an overview: 5 success factors, 4 accelerators and 16 building blocks.
  • Get inspired: 16 cases and more than 50 innovations and new business models for inspiration.
  • Get started: 4 detailed approaches + free digital assessment to determine the executional capacity of your organization.

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