Successful strategy execution demands one language and method on the essentials among executives, managers and professionals of every organization.

‘’Wake-up call’’

– Peter Klijn, Directeur Insinger Gilissen Bankiers

In-company masterclass Strategy = Execution

Successful strategy execution demands one language and method on the essentials among executives, managers and professionals of every organization. The in-company masterclass Strategy = Execution is tailored for higher and middle management of organizations. We use specific topics from your organization as input for the masterclass, e.g. How to define and govern a change portfolio? How to make change projects effective? How to ensure real, intrinsic ownership for execution and the benefits? How to organize innovation?


"How to improve, renew and innovate faster? That's the question in today's uncertain world."

– Jacques Pijl, director Turner

Why an in-company masterclass?

The in-company masterclass provides insight to the participants into the specific and critical execution topics of your organizations. Participants from every discipline and all levels learn how to apply proven interventions to accelerate execution the day after the masterclass. The masterclass is highly relevant for executives, managers and professionals of established global and national organizations who are and want to remain at the vanguard of their respective industries, but also for entrepreneurs with fast-growing start-ups. In the private, public and semi-public sectors. For large- and small-scale changes.

In-company masterclass in three steps

  • Intake: participants only take part if they’re motivated and prepare themselves by taking in mind those must-have issues they’re facing in strategy execution. 
  • Masterclass: a balanced program combining our expertise (50%) with interaction (50%) to let the masterclass act as a kick-starter for strategy execution in your organization. At the end of the masterclass a first set of interventions will have been defined. 
  • Acceleration: three months after the masterclass, the interventions will be executed and monitored. It’s possible to assess and capture the results in an optional return day.

Examples of professional issues discussed in the masterclass:

  • What are the dilemma’s and struggles in strategy execution? What are the costs of failing execution? 
  • What makes or breaks a good strategy? What is the execution capacity of one’s organization?
  • What’s the difference between Improving, Renewing and Innovating? 
  • Portfolio: What are ‘critical initiatives’ with a must-have character?
  • Old versus new: how does one organize this best?
  • Activating the strategy: who is really personally involved? 
  • What does a ‘must-have’ initiative look like? Where’s the breakthrough and where’s the excellence? 
  • How are going to realize an initiative? From a change, project management and operational perspective.
  • What’s the best distribution of resource (time, money) and of passion and energy?

Participants rate the Strategy = Execution Masterclass with an 8,7/10 on average


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