How to apply

These are the steps we take together in the application process. Start your journey here!

Start the process

Submit your resume and our HR manager will respond within two days.

Do we have a match?

Conversation 1. Meet a senior consultant and our HR manager

Who are you and what are you looking for? What drives us at Turner and what are our ambitions? We are happy to explore together whether you, with your experience and ambitions, will flourish at Turner. No hard feelings if there's no match.

What is it like to work at Turner?

Conversation 2. A candid conversation in the pub with a Turner

In a relaxed setting you will speak to a Turner who is in the same career phase as you are. Ask all the questions you want and get a good picture of, for example, the daily work, the culture, the way of working together and the work-life balance at Turner. In short, ask about all the aspects that you find relevant to your next job.

Can you solve a case?

Conversation 3. Solve a case and meet two other Turners.

First you meet two new Turners, one of them will share a business issue from our practice. You can ask questions to get a better understanding of the problem. You will take a moment to think about a good analysis and approach, which you will explain to us. In the discussion we will zoom in on a couple of aspects. This way we get to know you better and you learn more about our way of working.

How are your analytical and communication skills?

Conversation 4. Give a workshop and meet five Turners

Let's start to work together! You will guide a mini-workshop in two parts. You will be the consultant and we act as the client. You will prepare the workshop at home using the information you receive from us. Afterwards, we reflect together on the process and the results.

Join us!

Our HR manager will make you an offer. Will you become a Turner?

When you have successfully passed the workshop round, we will draw up a contract. If necessary, we will have already explored this at an earlier stage.


Start the application process below by submitting your CV.


We would like to get to know you. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Huize de Boom
Arnhemseweg 107
3832 GK Leusden

Phone: +31 (0)33 – 285 93 00



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