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The great Turner AI implementation research

Turner is conducting a large-scale study on the success and failure factors of AI implementation in the financial services industry. Would you like more insight into the factors contributing to the success or failure of AI implementation in your organization? Fill out the form and we will contact you with no obligation!

The financial sector is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the emergence and integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

While AI offers tremendous opportunities for increasing efficiency and accelerating innovation, it also poses risks. Companies often struggle to find the right balance between leveraging these opportunities and managing the risks. Finding this balance is essential; it maximizes the benefits of AI while simultaneously minimizing the risks. Organizations often lack a clear understanding of their current AI capabilities and how these can be effectively deployed for strategic purposes.

How can companies fully exploit the opportunities of AI while at the same time managing the risks to gain strategic advantages?

PrepAIr offers a solution through a detailed organizational scan. Our model, consisting of six core areas – AI Vision, AI Governance, AI Ecosystem, Data Management, Strategy Execution, and Running AI – provides clear insight into ‘AI-prepairedness’; the degree of being prepared for the successful implementation of AI initiatives within an organization.

Thanks to this insight, organizations are better equipped to make well-informed choices and responsibly implement AI initiatives. The result is a clear competitive advantage and an accelerated realization of business objectives.

What do we offer?

The PrepAIr model

Our approach interweaves a clear vision for the future with ethical and legal frameworks, meticulous data management, a dynamic ecosystem of knowledge and skills, effective strategy execution, and streamlined operational management. Together, these elements form the first step towards full AI-PrepAIredness, from concept to execution.

What does PrepAIr look like in practice?

PrepAIr was established in 2023 as a research initiative to offer organizations in the Dutch financial services industry an essential solution for assessing and improving their AI-PrepAIredness.

When you register for PrepAIr, your organization will gain in-depth insights into the current situation and a benchmark compared to your competitors in a short time.

After an interview with internal stakeholders, a detailed report on the six core areas of our model follows. This report is then presented to stakeholders within the organization, with results that are easy to share and explain.

The investment for organizations involves one to one and a half hours for the interview, and also one hour for the feedback.

The 6 core areas of the PrepAIr model

AI Vision

A clear vision of AI provides a strategic framework, ensures ethics, manages risks, stimulates innovation, and promotes organization-wide responsibility and future-proofing.

Turner Artificial Intelligence

AI Governance

AI Governance requires clear ELSA (Ethical, Legal, Social, and Algorithmic) policy definitions, risk registration, human oversight, balance in innovation, bias mitigation, and transparency for responsible and sustainable AI applications.

AI Data management

AI data management requires meticulous data hygiene, systematic audits, flexible IT architecture, and a roadmap that supports AI integration and future growth, ensuring quality and innovation go hand in hand.

AI Ecosystem

For successful AI implementation, insight into available knowledge, capacity, and data is essential, complemented by external expertise and partnerships, and supported by solid data management and infrastructure.

Running AI

Effective AI management requires clear incident identification, proficiency in problem-solving, integrated AI in value chains, structured training programs, and a strategy for talent development and retention.

AI Strategy-Execution

AI strategy execution balances clear objectives, multidisciplinary teams, ongoing employee training, and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure innovation and adaptability within organizations.

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